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....Okay okay, if your package somehow gets mauled by a panther en route or is otherwise damaged, shoot me an email and we can work something out. But I will expect proof of such an outrageous claim!


Q: My boobs are the size of Texas, will these collars work for me?

A: Jealous! I would recommend the Peter Pan collars for any large chested ladies, since the button up styles tend to run a wee bit small. 

Q: My neck is large and full of wisdom, what if the collar is too tight? 

A: A couple options would be to not button up all the way, or if you're ordering a peter pan collar; try removing the top snap and lacing a ribbon through the hole instead to give you a bit more wiggle room. Don't just give up and throw the collar away, get creative!

Q: Why is there elastic on the sides of my mock shirt?

A: The elastic helps keep the mock shirts in a secure position, but if they are too snug or just bother the crap out of ya, snip those suckers off!


Q: I love my MAGNUS collar.

A: That's not a question, but it loves you too. Thank you!