I fell in love with the process of creating clothing when I had my first job in a design department during high school for a local clothing company. I loved learning every step that went into creating a finished product, and that love stuck with me for well over a decade. 

After marrying my husband Brett in 2005, I became quite a DIY person and wanted to learn as many art forms as I could teach myself! I created a dollhouse out of an old suitcase and filled it with handmade furniture from scraps of things around my house, learned to sew baby shoes, dolls, and blankets from upcycled fabric, and finally experimented with screen printing which led me to obsess over learning all the different ways to transfer a design to fabric. 

I did research for a solid year while building a following on Instagram, and then on September 14, 2017 I launched my collar shop!

I've been having SO. MUCH. FUN. designing and creating ever since! I love listening to and learning about the loves and interests of my darlings on Instagram! I take so much inspiration from them and try to create collars that help them EXPRESS themselves!

Collars weren't always "the plan." Wearable art has always been the plan. I've come to find that removable collars work as fun, interchangeable pieces of art and offer endless versatility! It is my hope that as you mosey around my colorful little shop, you'll find something whimsical, charming, or bold to add to your wardrobe.

Live COLLARfully!